Equity Concepts is an Independent Wealth Management firm that specializes in managing the complex financial and risk management needs of individuals, businesses, families, trusts and endowments.

- Portfolio Management

- Risk Management

- Alternative Investing

- Family Office Services

 At Equity Concepts, Wealth Management is more than just picking investments and retirement planning. Our family office services help clients strategically integrate and coordinate all parts of their financial lives from risk management and financial planning, to asset management, tax planning and estate planning. This comprehensive approach is designed to ensure that each of these distinct and important areas of the financial spectrum has been evaluated and managed together to give the client a greater sense of control. It is the active and ongoing supervision of this process that will ultimately define true financial success.

 We understand that poor market performance doesn't change one's needs, goals and objectives; and we recognize that traditional forms of investment theory have proven riskier and less effective in today's market environment than in years past. Over the last decade industry leaders have made substantial changes in their risk management and asset allocation models to help improve performance and reduce volatility. Yet many institutions and private investors continue to accept the "Lost Decade" as an unavoidable reality in their portfolios. Our goal is to communicate and implement the latest, most effective portfolio and risk management techniques currently utilized by the world's most well respected institutions.

 Our investment approach is diversified beyond traditional stock and bond investing. The strategic use of non-correlated and alternative investment classes is a key component in today's portfolio and risk management process. Our expertise in these areas give our clients, retail and institutional, access to the most advanced and effective investment solutions available.

 For questions, or to get more information, please contact Canon Hickman at Equity Concepts and visit our website at www.equity-concepts.com

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